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Check this page to see what's been added to the EJ&E Railroad Archive site recently.

Latest Additions

The tenth page of official company photos added is Special Loads.

Re-processed the photos on Louis Cerny's page to be larger.

The ninth page of official company photos added is Diesel Locomotives Page 2.

The eighth page of official company photos added is Diesel Locomotives Page 1.

I've added a chat box page for fans of the EJ&E and also Chicagoland railfans to use. The page also has links to area railroad radio feeds and other helpful info for fanning. Hopefully this can be a regular meeting place for J fans and also possibly people on the road fanning in the Chicago area.

The seventh page of official company photos added is Steam Locomotives Page 1.

The sixth page of official company photos added and includes Bridges.

The fifth page of official company photos added and includes Aerial Photos.

The fourth page of official company photos added, includes Places.

The third page of official company photos. This one focuses on Rolling Stock.

Another page of official company photos... this time focusing on Cabooses.

Started a new section that will show many photos scanned from the railroad's official archives. The first page shows numerous shots of an old EJ&E Motor Car from the 40's.

17 train orders and other train docs from the Webmaster's collection, and 30 train orders donated from the National Railroad Museum, have been added to the Information Page.

A page for United States Steel (USS/USX) has been added to the gallery page, showing various USS mill and mine railroads and their equipment.

A photo page for Joel Hinkhouse has been added to the gallery, showing collection of modern photos by Joel, including #460.

A photo page for Kevin Piper has been added to the gallery. Kevin worked on the 'J' and collected a number of nice photos over the years.

The pages for three separate years of rolling stock data from the Official Railway Equipment Register has been added to the Car Roster page.

A section has been added to the Info Page that is an official disposition list of all equipment in the EJ&E/CN deal.

A photo page has been added for Rob Olewinski , including photos taken in the late 90's around Gary.

A photo page has been added for Kevin Ruble, including some older photos from the 70's and 80's.

A photo page has been added for Bob Webber, which includes older black and white shots of J cabs. Also added a mechanical drawing of a 500 series caboose to the Archived Information area.

Added a photo page for Sam Carlson, which includes a nice selection of unique older era photos scanned from slides.

Added detail interchange maps from the 2008 track chart to the Maps Page.

An updated version of the main system map has been added to the Maps Page.

Added a photo page for Chris Lastovich with various modern day photos, including the 2005 Ronald McDonald passenger special.

Added photos of #303 in the new all yellow Gary Railway paint scheme to the page for Mike Janke.

A giant collection of  photos has been added from Neal Stringer, taken while Neal worked as an Engineer on the RR. The collection includes: Cars & MoW - Locos Page 1 - Locos Page 2 - Locos Page 3 - Old MilePost Covers - Right of Way - Inside the Shops - Trains - Train Trips - EJ&E Visitors - Various Photos

Added a Various Photos page, which will mainly consist of photos from photographers that didn't have enough shots to justify a whole page of their own, or photos that don't have a photographer to credit.

Added a photo page for Mike Janke, which includes shots he captured of #446 in the first all yellow paint scheme.

Added many great old photos from Dispatcher BK's collection, which includes a page for old diesels, and also a page for steam and various others.

Added a photo page for John Benson, and also started a section for other USS/Transtar "Steel Roads" on the Photo Gallery page.

Added a photo page for Paul Hunnell, which is a great collection of locomotive and car roster photos taken during various periods.

Added a photo page for Ron Shain, including numerous shots of #668 in its Bicentennial paint scheme, and Ron's grandfather - Bill Kaehlert, who worked on the railroad.

Added a photo page for Brian Skrabutenas, which includes various photos taken around the Gary Works Mill complex, and other locations on the railroad.

The whole site has been completely rebuilt! There's still tons of stuff to be added though, so check back periodically.

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