Photos by William Eley
Scanned prints of some nice early 70's era photos on the railroad, including a taconite train at Waukegan.

Subject: DT-6-6-2000 Locomotives #925, #929 & #910
Location: Waukegan, IL
Date: 3/14/73

Notes: A rare shot of Center Cabs on what looks to be a CNW taconite train.

Subject: SD38 Locomotives #653 & #650
Location: Lake Zurich, IL
Date: 1/?/1973

Notes: #653 leads a train past the old Lake Zurich Depot. Note the old signal visible above the cab roof.

Subject: SD38 Locomotives #650 & #651 Idle
Location: Waukegan, IL
Date: 3/14/73

Notes: Obviously still cold in March of 73.

Subject: DT-6-6-2000 Locomotives #924 & #916
Location: Mettawa, IL
Date: 8/6/72

Notes: Photographed while crossing St. Mary's Road, railroad west of Leithton.

Subject: SD38 #655, DT-6-6-2000 #924 & SD38 #651
Location: Griffith, IN
Date: 8/3/74

Notes: Pulling what appears to be a BN coal train, possibly from Eola.

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