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Photos by Neal Stringer: Trips
This is a collection of small photo essays taken during train trips Neal has made.

Subject: BNSF Coal Train to State Line Generator
Location: Various Lakefront Line, IL / IN
Date: 9/10/2000

Notes: 1: SD38-2 #666 leading out of BNSF Yard, Eola, IL. 2: Approaching Bridge 728 on the Lakefront Line. 3: Passing over the ship canal, LTV Steel left and Inland Steel right. 4: State Line plant. 5: State Line plant yard. 6: Chicago Shortline train spotted alongside the EJ&E Lakefront Line.

Subject: UP Coal Train Inside NIPSCO Power Plant
Location: Gary, IN
Date: 12/2/2000

Notes: 1: Stockton Jct. approaching the Lakefront Line. 2: Gate to the plant. 3: On the plant loop. 4: Heading towards the plant. 5: Water cooling equipment. 6: Coming around the back side of the plant on the loop, next to the lake.

Subject: UP 'ADVPR' Auto Racks from West Chicago to Griffith
Location: Various Western Sub, IL
Date: 12/30/2000

Notes: 1: Coming around the interchange from the UP at West Chicago onto the J main. 2: Approaching JB Tower. 3: Passing Kerr McGee. 4: Eastbound out of West Chicago. 5: Looking back at the train. 6: Signal #512 at Eola Yard.

Subject: Retrieving CWEX Hopper Empties from the Collins Plant
Location: Various Illinois River Line, IL
Date: 1/21/2001

Notes: 1: Onto the isthmus across Heidecke Lake to Collins station. 2: Middle of the lake. 3: Plant in the distance. 4: Coal hoppers ahead. 5: Approaching IL River Bridge on return trip. 6 & 7: IL River Bridge. 8: Northbound on IRL.


Subject: Eastbound Train on Eastern Sub
Location: Various Eastern Sub, IN
Date: 1/23/2001

Notes: 1: Signals for cross-over plant West of Griffith diamonds. 2: Refurbished Griffith Tower. 3: Approaching Stockton Jct. just West of Kirk Yard. 4: Crossing over Pine Yard and turning into Kirk Yard in Gary, IN.


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