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Photos by Neal Stringer: Milepost Newsletter Covers
This is a small collection of old covers from the EJ&E's official "Milepost" company newsletter.

Subject: MilePost Cover #103 "Winter at West Gate"
Location: Kirk Yard - Gary, IN
Issue: February, 1957

Notes: Center Cab #126 moves Eastbound towards West Gate Tower at Kirk Yard. The caboose and engine in the background is on the South Chicago main line.

Subject: MilePost Cover #111 "Flag-man Hutson Gets the Orders"
Location: Unknown
Issue: October, 1957

Notes: Shot of flag-man grabbing hoop orders from the caboose.

Subject: MilePost Cover Vol. 4 #8 "Operation Hotfoot"
Location: Unknown
Issue: August, 1951

Notes: A steel mill slag train is seen being dumped.

Subject: MilePost Cover #116
Location: Barrington, IL
Issue: March, 1958

Notes: An EJ&E Center Cab approaches the Main St. crossing at the Barrington Depot.

Subject: MilePost Cover #122
Location: Griffith, IN
Issue: September, 1958

Notes: Center Cab #120 passes the Griffith depot and tower while leading a train.

Subject: MilePost Cover Vol. 5 #1
Location: Griffith, IN
Issue: January, 1952

Notes: Men clear snow out of the diamonds by hand. The old Griffith Depot is in the background.

Subject: MilePost Cover Vol. 5 #3
Location: East Joliet Yard, IL
Issue: March, 1952

Notes: A view from the old South Tower at East Joliet Yard.

Subject: MilePost Cover #215 "Heavy Tonnage for South Chicago"
Location: South Chicago, IL
Issue: June, 1966

Notes: SD9 #601 brings a train across bridge #710, over the Calumet River.

Subject: MilePost Cover #257
Location: East Joliet Yard, IL
Issue: May, 1970

Notes: New SD38 units #652 and #650 are seen running in the factory original 'long hood forward' configuration.

Subject: MilePost Cover #211 "Winter Shadows"
Location: Walker, IL
Issue: February, 1966

Notes: A Center Cab and switcher pulls an eastbound train through Walker. The shot was taken from the cement silos next to the track.

Subject: MilePost Cover #205
Location: Unknown
Issue: August, 1965

Notes: Possibly the Aurora Branch?

Subject: MilePost Cover #219 "More Than a Mile of Coal"
Location: Unknown
Issue: October, 1966

Notes: A GM&O coal train runs down the main.

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