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Photos by Mike Janke
Mike was first to spot the new all yellow switcher scheme. It was later discovered after the CN buy-out announcement, that this would be the scheme of the spin-off from EJ&E, the Gary Railway, which would continue to work in USS Gary Works after the takeover.

Subject: EMD SW1001 #446
Location: Wisconsin Southern - Horicon Paint Shop, WI
Date: 6/25/2007

Notes: #446 was the first unit to receive the all new yellow scheme. All units that will be part of the Gary Ry. for USS after CN takes over, will get the yellow scheme. #446 had been rebuilt at the Gary shops before being painted. Note the standard whip antenna on the cab roof. This unit was originally LT Ry.

Subject: EMD SW1200 #303
Location: Wisconsin Southern - Horicon Paint Shop, WI
Date: 11/21/2007

Notes: #303 was the second unit to get the all yellow Gary Ry. scheme. Notice the mount added to the front of the hood for a second strobe. Walkways and hood top appear to have a black non-slip surface.

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