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Photo Gallery
This is the main photo gallery for the site. The collection consists mainly of prototype EJ&E Railroad photos, but there's also model photos and other types of documents occasionally.

Webmaster Photos
Page 1 - Various photos taken when I was a kid, back in the early 80's
Page 2 - Shots of EJ&E coil cars and flat cars discovered in Los Angeles.
EJ&E Dash 9? - Hmm

Contributor Photos
Note: This is a tiny fraction of the contributed EJ&E Railroad photos that are waiting to be put on the site. It's going to take time to get to all of them, but they will be added eventually. If you're planning to submit photos for the site in the future, PLEASE include a list of date and location info for each photo. Photo quality needs to be at least 1000 pixels across and minimum compression.
Adam Robillard - Various modern day photos taken on the west end.

AGYM5 - A collection of modern day photos taken around the USS Gary Works Mill complex.

Alex Desimone - Some photos of #674 doing interchange work at West Chicago/UP.
Alex Mokrycki - Some photos taken at Griffith IN, and also West Chicago, IL.
Bill Christopher - Photos of the little known MPEX demo, and also some of the first photos of #656 when the new paint scheme was first introduced.
Bill Gustason - Various photos taken mainly in the Indiana area, and also some scans of old steam photos from Bill's collection.

BK - Includes great old photos that Dispatcher BK has collected over the years. Thanks go to Neal for scanning this material. Page 1: Diesels & Trains Page 2: Steam Locomotives & Various Others

Bob Webber - This includes some older black and white shots of J 500 series cabs.
Brian Skrabutenas - Various photos taken around the Gary Works Mill complex, and other locations.
Chris Lastovich - Various modern day photos, including the 2005 Ronald McDonald special.
Joel Hinkhouse - A collection of modern photos by Joel, including #460.
John Benson - A nice collection of locomotive and car roster photos taken during various periods.
Kevin Piper - Kevin worked on the J and collected a number of nice photos over the years.
Kevin Ruble - Some older photos from the 70's and 80's.

Louis Cerny - Excellent photos from his collection, which mainly focus on the 60's and 70's.

Mike Janke - Mike caught the first 'all yellow' scheme switcher rolled out of Horicon.
Neal Stringer - A giant collection of  modern photos taken while Neal worked as Engineer on the RR.
Cars & MoW - Locos Page 1 - Locos Page 2 - Locos Page 3 - Old MilePost Covers - Right of Way
Inside the Shops - Trains - Train Trips - EJ&E Visitors - Various Photos
Paul Hunnell - A great collection of locomotive and car roster photos taken during various periods.
Rich Witt - Various photos taken on the Western Sub, including Barrington Tower.
Rob Olewinski - Mainly contains photos taken in the late 90's around Gary.
Roger Kirpatrick - Numerous shots of ex EJ&E cabooses from Roger's collection.
Ron Shain - Numerous shots of #668 in its Bicentennial paint scheme, and Ron's grandfather - Bill Kaehlert, who worked on the railroad.
Sam Carlson - A nice selection of unique older era photos scanned from slides.
William Eley - Scans of some nice early 70's era photos, including a taconite train at Waukegan.
Various Photos - Consists of photos from photographers that didn't have enough shots to justify a whole page of their own, or photos that don't have a photographer to credit.

Official Railroad Company Archive Photos
These are scans from an awesome collection of photos, which were part of the railroad's official collection. Most of these photos have never been shown before now. Many more will be added in the future. There's some really nice stuff, and many are quite old... Probably the oldest. Check all categories, because there are many subjects that cross over. A big thanks goes to all the people that have helped with these.
Aerial Photos - Various shots of plants, yards, and other features along the railroad.
Bridges Page 1 - Various old photos of bridges and culverts along the right-of-way.
Cabooses - Various shots of wood and steel J cabs, including some unique designs.
Diesel Locomotives Page 1 - Various shots of diesel road and switcher locomotives.
Diesel Locomotives Page 2 - Various shots of diesel road and switcher locomotives.
EJ&E "Motor 1" - This is a collection of photos showing off an old custom rail motor car the RR had.
Places - Various places, including shops, facilities and other locations on the railroad.
Rolling Stock - A collection of various build photos and other shots of revenue cars.
Special Loads - A collection of unique loads being carried by the railroad.
Steam Locomotives Page 1 - All sorts of awesome steam loco photos, including both CLS&E & EJ&E.

Transtar "Steel Road" Railroad Photos
This collection of photos consists of various "steel roads" that are/were in the Transtar / USS family of railroads. Some of these railroads are no longer with Transtar or USS. You'll notice many similarities between the equipment used on the "steel roads", and locomotives were often traded between the railroads. More photos will slowly be added to this collection.
Bessemer & Lake Erie - Merged into CN in 2004, BLE operated in western PA and northeastern OH. The main route ran 139 miles from the Lake Erie port of Conneaut to North Bessemer, PA.

Birmingham Southern - Operates 84 miles of track, providing various switching services in the Birmingham, AL area and also runs on an 18 mile line from Ensley to Port Birmingham, AL.

Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range - Merged into CN in 2004, the DM&IR operated in northern Minnesota and Wisconsin, mainly hauling iron ore and taconite to the Ports of Duluth and Two Harbors, MN.
Lake Terminal - Based in Lorain, OH off Lake Erie, and mainly serves as a terminal switching railroad for Republic Engineered Products and Lorain Tubular.
Union Railroad - Located in Allegheny County in western Pennsylvania, the URR mainly serves USS Mon Valley Works, USS Edgar Thomson Works, USS Irvin Works and USS Clairton Works.
United States Steel (USS/USX) - Various USS mill and mine railroads and their equipment.

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