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This page lists some links to other sites that may be of interest.

EJ&E Related

US Railroad Retirement Board Anyone looking for records on relatives that worked on the RR, check this site.

Transtar is the corporate site for the company that operates the EJ&E. It's a very good site and has quite a bit of info, on not only the EJ&E, but its other sister railroads that the company runs.

The Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range Historical Society Ex USS sister railroad to the EJ&E.

Griffith Historical Society Site You can checkout some of the history behind one of the towns that the EJ&E passes through at this site.

Harold Driscoll's Chicago Rail Site Sadly, Harold passed away in June of 2000. One of the last things he did was create the awesome EJ&E car roster for my site. He will be missed. His site lives on though.

Bill Gustason's Chicago Rail Junctions site. Bill has collected a lot of good rail-fanning info for this area and put it on his site.

The Gulf, Mobile & Ohio Historical Site The GM&O had dealings with EJ&E quite a bit in the old days.

Barrington Communities Against CN Rail Congestion For those trying to keep up to date on the CN buyout, this site provides news and info on the opposition efforts against the CN takeover of EJ&E.

Kurt Clement's Steel Diamonds-EJ&E Blog Kurt posts info on trains and his EJ&E modeling projects.

Nathan Holth's Historic Bridges Site A great site that has tons of info on hundreds of bridges across the US, including some on the EJ&E.

Steel Related

The U. S. Steel Group. This is the currant owner of the J. You can also look at the Gary Works section of their site, which the EJ&E still serves.

US Steel Gary Works Photo Collection This is something the University of Indiana is working on. It's a collection of photos showing Gary Works steel mill, and also the town of Gary, IN.

American Iron and Steel Institute Tons of info and links.

Jim Torgeson's Steel E-mail List is a great source of info for anybody interested in the steel industry, or steel railroad operations.

Various Rail

FrogRail Create your own mini virtual gif trains.

Rail Rangers A non-profit railroad history group, that provide narration and tour guide services on private railroad excursions.

NMRA Home Page Probably the best place to find rail related sites on the web.

Central California Rails A nice site with tons of CC Rail info, created by David Epling.

Altamont Press Time Tables These are excellent time tables for railfaning. Unfortunately, they don't have one for the Chicago area yet, but I'm sure they will.

The Motive Power Roster Page A cool page that lists the present day roster for many railroads.

Need a place to stay on that next railfan trip? Check out the Motels for Train Watchers page.

American Railway Caboose Historical Educational Society A great resource for cabeese in America.

JJ's Railroad Links Tons of links to rail photo and other sites.

Shortlines of Chicago Historical Society Lots of cool Chicago area info.

The Alabama Railfan Page is a very nice site that has tons photos and info on Alabama area railroads.

Military Rails Online The best place to get military RR info.

S. Berliner's Schnabel Car & Large Rail Load Site Tons of info on Schnabel cars and other heavy load info.

There's all kinds of info about railroad right-of-ways that have been turned into trails at the Rails to Trails site.

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